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Hi, my name is Stephanie Dubin

Artist and Photographer

I’m inspired by the elements of design in my everyday surroundings. I have an adoration for color, space, and form which has given me a keen eye for effective composition. I consider my images to be creative, colorful, and playful; a reflection of my inner self.


“artiswhy” is my moniker and attitude inspired by an Ani Difranco poem. It’s a snippet from the line art is why i get up in the morning which I first read when I was 15 years old. Ani’s music and poetry encouraged me to question the world around me. Today, as an adult, it is a positive mantra of mine. A reason for creating, art is its own compensation, creating something or participating in something just for the beauty of it. The goal of my brand is to serve as a reminder to be yourself.

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Solo Exhibitions


2017, 19 IDEAS, Buffalo, NY, Buffalo in Black and White

2014, Glow Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Have Another Look


Group Exhibitions


2016, Project 308 Gallery, North Tonawanda, NY, Her City

2015, Prism, Buffalo, NY, Spectra: Works by WNY’S LGBTQ Arts Community

2015, Glow Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Chroma LGBTQ Art Exhibition

2015, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Member’s Exhibition

2014, Glow Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Chroma LGBTQ Art Exhibition

2014, Artsphere Studio & Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Motion

2013, 464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Vision Art Awards

2012, Space @244, Buffalo, NY




Hotel Henry Urban Resort and Conference Center


Awards and Honors


2015, Oseroff Memorial Purchase Prize Finalist, CEPA Gallery

2013, Janne Sirén Award for Artistic Excellence, Vision Art Awards, 464 Gallery


Notable Articles and Mentions


Refugees Welcome in Buffalo, NY
Rise Collaborative – March 2017

Buffalo in Black and White by Stephanie Dubin
19 IDEAS – November 2016

8 Amazing Buffalo Instagram Accounts You Didn’t Know Existed
Step Out Buffalo – March 2016

Art is What, Art is Who, Art is Why
Rise Collaborative – April 2015



The Public, Cover art, (September 9, 2015)

The Public, Centerfold spread, (June 3, 2015)

The Public, Cover art, (December 3, 2014)

The Allentowner, 2014